Rapid-Growth Gaming Company That’s Monetizing the World’s 3 Billion Gamers

Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM; OTCQB: SWMIF)

Why NOW is the time to invest in this hyper-growth gaming stock with multiple recurring revenue streams

Swarmio Media’s (CSE: SWRM; OTCQB: SWMIF) proprietary gaming and esports platform – Ember – is being deployed globally to hundreds of millions of gamers via partnerships with telecommunications companies (“telcos”). These telcos are rolling out Ember to hundreds of millions of internet customers as an add-onservice to increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

Swarmio’s Ember gaming and esports platform offers gamers

  • Exclusive access to the world’s most exciting gaming and esports tournaments and challenges.
  • Ultra low-latency playing experience – which means no lag (delay).
  • Managed online gaming communities that allow gamers and influencers to connect,watch games and tournaments, and communicate.
  • Gamification and points system for enhanced engagement.
  • Unlimited access to digital content like skins, accessories, and upgrades via Ember’s online store.
  • Alternative payment channels including e-wallet, Direct Carrier Billing, and direct top-up that allow gamers to buy items in the Ember store without a credit card or traditional bank account.

Swarmio is at a key inflection point that could see its revenues skyrocket

  • Multiple recurring revenue streams: Swarmio earns revenues from subscriptions and transaction fees on purchases made inside the Ember platform (“microtransactions”). Microtransactions are expected to account for 77% of the total $200B+ in revenue that games are expected to earn in 2023.
  • Low-cost distribution model: Telcos cover the cost of promoting Ember to their customers, and Swarmio splits revenues generated inside Ember with its telco partners.
  • Rapidly growing user base: Swarmio has already partnered with some of the largest telcos in the world, and is on track to gain access to 250 million users by the end of 2023.
  • Multiple recurring revenue streams: Data from Swarmio’s initial telco partnerships indicates average spend per paying user inside the Ember platform is a staggering USD $53.50 per month, per user.

Considering 2.8 billion people worldwide – nearly a third of the world’s population and 60% of internert users – are now playing games online, a few dollars a month per user could add up very quickly for Swarmio

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